This is inspired by The Boys comic. It is a very good story by Garth Ennis.

NOTE: This is not a super hero game. You will be people with low level super powers. In this world super “heroes” are the enemy. Your character needs to have a reason to hate supes. Examples include, loved one raped and killed by a superhero, loved one killed by collateral damage from a super powered fight. Many super heroes are very sadistic individuals who feel that they are above the law. Your imagination is the limit for what twisted thing was done to make you hate them.

Please go to the forum and get involved in the pregame discussion. There we will get a feel for where we want this game to go.

The Offer

You sit in a dark room. You are unsure why you were brought here. You were picked up by the feds for some erroneous charge that you are sure is bogus.

The steel door across the room opens and in walks a broad shouldered man in a leather coat. He looks you over for a moment and pulls up a chair. As he casually leans back, eyes never leaving you, he speaks.

“I’m sure you’re wondering why the spooks pulled you into this piss stained shoe box,” he says in a thick cockney accent.

“Truth is, mate, I wanted to have a face to face. I know the supes have done you wrong. I also know when their Italian suit wearing lawyer fucks came to you to keep hush you didn’t ask for a dime. Any normal self centered cum stain would have asked for a pay out. But you, you’re not interested in money, no. You want those spandex wearing wankers to pay but not out of their wallets.”

“The name is Butcher. Back in the day I ran a team. A team whose job it was to prevent the kind of shit that happened to you. Now its high time for a come back and I’m putting together a new team. Its time for the long underwear brigade to get little reminder that the world’s not there fucking playground. You sign on with me and you will get your pound of flesh out of those cunts, I promise.”

“What do ya say, mate? We chums or what?”

Mutants and Masochists

Mmbanner sugary Cyroa